Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recipe - 10 Fitch Tropical Breakfast Sorbet

This is a wonderful, refreshing summertime treat that we serve as a first course. Very easy to make and our guests love it. This morning we served this with roasted vegetable, ham and Parmesan omelets, & moms blueberry cream muffins. Yum!

1 20 oz can crushed pineapple
1 6 oz can frozen OJ concentrate
1 13.5 oz can coconut milk
1 7 oz can Mango nectar
1 Cup water
1-1/2 cups granulated sugar
6 ripe medium size bananas

Put all ingredients into blender or food processor and combine until smooth. Transfer to 2-qt. covered freezer container. Freeze overnight. Remove 15 minutes before serving. Makes 9-12 servings

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale this weekend!

It's a BIG deal. All you MacKenzie-Childs fans out there know! 10 Fitch is just 20 minutes from The MacKenzie-Childs shop & farmhouse located in Aurora NY. For several years, while Pleasant Rowland owned the company, they had no barn sales. Rowland, a Wells College graduate, purchased MacKenzie-Cilds out of bankruptcy in 2001, and sold MacKenzie-Cilds (which I will refer to as MC from here on out in this post) to Twin Lakes Capital in May of '08. Shortly after the company announced they were having a barn sale, which took place over two days in July. It caused quite a frenzy and people came from all over the country in hopes of finding some wonderful treasure at bargain basement prices. It was like rock concert, people came and camped out at MC the night before so they could be the first in line. I was told that a couple came with a big truck, and I mean BIG, and bought every single planter they had.

Mom & I were not able to go first thing Friday morning. We were busy serving up a wonderful breakfast to our guests. But, after they all left for the day we did venture over and boy were we surprised! The line to get into the barn was so long some people said it would be 6 hours before we made it in! It was very hot and sunny that day so we didn't last long, maybe 45 minutes and then we decided to leave the line and go inside the shop and poke around there a while. When we came out the line had gone down so much that we decided to get back in! We eventually did get inside the barn and did find some treasure, including white wine glasses and really cute beaded butterfly napkin rings.

Anyone who has been to 10 Fitch knows that we have mixed antiques & modern furnishings with MC here. The truth is that when we bought 10 Fitch 2 years ago I had never even heard of MacKenzie-Childs. In fact, MacKenzie-Childs was listed on the exclusion list of the items that did not go with the sale of this property and I thought it was some small collectible item like thimbles or spoons or something. I had no idea that were were talking about furniture, lamps, table & cookware and dozens of knobs that were on furniture and being used to hang artwork from on the walls.

Now I know :)

So, I'm pretty excited that there is another barn sale! Woo Hoo! This Friday, June 12 - Sunday, June 14 2009, from 8am-6pm. 50%-80% off!

Garden Blooms

The peonies are finally in bloom in the garden and mom has been gathering the large delicate pink blooms with various other flowers and foliage from the beds to make arrangements which are placed throughout the inn. I love all the flowers but the peonies, with their amazing fragrance and the showy hydrangeas are two of my favorites. The peonies won't last long though so we must enjoy them while we can!

Monday, June 8, 2009

First Spoiled Girls of 2009!

We hosted our first Spoiled Girls Getaway of 2009 this past weekend, a group of 8 wonderful women from New Jersey, friends who all have or are turning 40 this year. We have had lots of Spoiled Girls here in the 2 years since we have owned 10 Fitch, among them a group of hospice nurses, retired police women, brides & attendants, and those who graduated high school together. They all come for rest, relaxation & fun and while they are here the rooms & grounds of 10 Fitch ring with their laughter, are enlivened with the buzz of their chatter and illuminated with their smiles and the flash of their cameras. We LOVE having these precious ladies with us and are honored to be a part of them coming together and creating special memories together.

Jennifer, Cheryl, Linda, Jessica & Linda arrived on Thursday and got settled in. On Friday they ventured into Skaneateles after a breakfast of fluffy chile egg puff, moms blueberry cream muffins and honey glazed ham. The rest of the group, Tricia, Kris & Maria arrived around 4:00 at which time a cheese plate, hot hors d'oeuvres & raspberry iced tea were served in the living room and all the girls enjoyed 60 minute Swedish Massages in the privacy of their rooms. After they were all relaxed some of the girls went our for a bite to eat while Linda & Cheryl stayed behind and were the first to enjoy the fire pit out on the veranda. It is my understanding that although the others returned and sat by the fire a while, everyone was so tired that they all retired before 11PM! Oh these party animals!

Now, on Saturday mom stuffed the girls with her Belgian Waffles & apple maple chicken sausage before Sam arrived with the limo to take the ladies on their winery/sightseeing tour. When they returned some 6 or so hours later, I noticed many of the girls came in with MacKenzie-Childs & other bags, evidence of their shopping excursion, and boxes and bottles from some of the Cayuga Wine Trail wineries.

The told us what a a great time they had as they came in and then had a chance to rest a little while before they enjoyed dinner on the deck. Grilled chicken, sirloin & veggie kabobs, moms home made potato & pasta salads & BBQ beans with raspberry iced tea and lemonade to wash everything down. Later, home made brownies topped with lit birthday candles were brought out as mom & I sang Happy Birthday to our Spoiled Girls! At dusk another fire was lit in the firepit for the girls to enjoy and I don't know if anyone made it past 11 or not!

On Sunday morning we served a tropical breakfast sorbet and I prepared a new main course for the ladies, poached eggs over sweet potato hash draped with chipoltle pepper hollandaise, which they seemed to enjoy.

Then, sadly, it was time for our Spoiled Girls to leave us and return to their lives in New Jersey. Our hearts are filled with fondness for these girls, who were so appreciative of everything and were perfect guests in our home. We got to chat a little with some of them privately and with the whole group we enjoyed joking and just generally interacting with them. Cheryl is getting ready to have her first baby in August and I joked with her, first telling her that although I've had two of my own babies I don't have any experience birthing others, but then I said it could be great publicity for 10 Fitch to have a guest deliver here!

These girls left some wonderful messages to us in their room diaries, and we were surprised and humbled to receive a gift from them as they left, a bottle of Finger Lakes wine and extremely generous tip! Jersey Girls, that was truly unnecessary, you were a delight to have here, but we do so appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you! We enjoyed lunch on you after church and donated some of your gift to a fund that helps the less fortunate in our church and community. Thank you again.

Please let us know when Cheryl has her baby!