Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Fitch Bed & Breakfast - Auburn NY - Prize Package Again on Wheel Of Fortune Tonight!

I'm thrilled that we were on Wheel Of Fortune again tonight as a prize package, the national exposure is incredible and cost us nothing. Unfortunately, just like the first time we were on back in April 2010, we didn't know we were going to be on until the last minute. Actually I had no confirmation at all this time and we have just been watching this week because we "heard" months ago that they were planning on airing us this month during . Again, our prize was landed on, and again, the puzzle was not solved by the person who landed on it, so it remains un-won!

Well, perhaps we'll be on again sometime!

Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Reasons Bed and Breakfasts and Inns are a Better Way to Stay

Tired of the same old stark hotel or motel room? Why not choose a B&B? The biggest reason to leave your old hotel behind is… Cha Ching – the added value. Today’s B&Bs are simply a better way to stay for travelers seeking more for their travel dollars. Take a peek at the top ten reasons bed and breakfasts and country inns make a better and a more affordable way to stay.

Reason 10: Put your nickels and dimes away. Heck, put the $5 bill for the bottle of water back in your wallet! No mini bars here! Research from reveals that more than 92 percent of B&Bs offer complimentary afternoon refreshments, wine and cheese/hors d’ouevres receptions or evening desserts. More than 50 percent of B&Bs offer stocked snack and beverage pantries 24-7 and we’re sure that 100% of today’s B&Bs will offer you a glass or bottle of water and tell you to put the cost toward your vacation! (10 Fitch offers complimentary home baked chocolate chip cookies, bottled water, soda, snack station with variety of snacks and 24/7 self serve hot beverages)

Reason 9: Stay plugged in. Complimentary wi-fi & calls. Say goodbye to that $20 daily fee for wi-fi access. Nearly 90 percent of B&Bs and country inns offer complimentary wi-fi according to surveys. The other ten are working on getting it. Nearly 100% of today’s B&Bs offer complimentary local or long distance phone calls. When’s the last time you saw a pay phone anyway? They’re a dying breed. (10 Fitch offers complimentary wireless internet throughout the inn)

Reason 8: Great rates! According to the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII – (pronounced PIE) don’t you just love that a B&B organization is named after a yummy treat?) the average daily rate for B&Bs is ???. When we compared this to city hotels of like levels, the B&B rate came in lower, and that doesn’t take in to consideration all the extras.

Reason 7: When’s the last time you met the owner of the hotel? And when is the last time he or she carried your bag to your room? Pick a B&B and read their reviews. Inngoers rave about the fabulous hospitality and friendship that innkeepers offered during their stay. In fact, for many B&B travelers, the innkeeper was what made the stay special.

Reason 6: Free parking. OK, we’ll admit, not all B&Bs offer free parking, but last time surveyed innkeepers, 95.3% said they did. Even in the city, B&B rates for parking average around $25 vs. as high as $50/nightly in hotels.(10 Fitch - free off street parking)

Reason 5: Flat screens, fireplaces & whirlpool tubs: Usually reserved for the Presidential Suite in a hotel, increasingly B&Bs offer amenities including flat screen TVs, in-room fireplaces, steam or multi-jet showers and deep Jacuzzi tubs.(10 Fitch - all suites have fireplaces, DVD players, iPdos & iPod docking stations, comfy robes, & euro rain showers, 2 have flat screen TVs, one has a whirlpool tub, one has a large claw foot soaking tub.)

Reason 4: Bed is half their name: Looking for fabulous beds? Nearly 100 percent of B&Bs offer high thread count sheets, feather beds, pillow libraries and down comforters at no additional cost to guests. (10 Fitch offers all mentioned)

Reason 3: Breakfast is the other half of their name: Take a family of four to the breakfast buffet at a resort hotel, and you’re looking at upwards of $100 to feed the whole family. Bed and breakfasts all offer breakfast – it’s their signature selling point and half their name. From five course candlelit breakfasts to lavish continentals, most innkeepers offer a breakfast to fuel you for the entire day. (Your stay at 10 Fitch includes our complimentary gourmet breakfast each morning)

Reason 2: They really will leave the light on! Arrive at 2am, and you may not see a cherry innkeeper greeting you, but you will always find a personalized welcome, no matter what time you arrive from innkeepers who genuinely care about your safe trip and will call you by name.

Reason 1: Cookies, yes! Cookie cutter? No. No two B&Bs are alike. As independently owned small lodging properties, each one offers something new and different. No big box look to B&Bs ranging from urban chic to historically preserved mansions and homes.

So come to 10 Fitch Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York state and stay the better way!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Fitch - Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast - Prize Package on Wheel Of Fortune

In April 2010 10 Fitch Bed & Breakfast was featured as a 6 night seven day prize package during "Going Green" week on Wheel of Fortune. We were told a few months ago that we would be on again during February's Romance Week this year. It is very difficult to get a confirmation on this. You have to go through who is the sole provider of bed and breakfast prizes to Wheel Of Fortune and I have been bugging the marketing project manager who handles this for weeks to see if she can find anything out. Last year I finally found out when we would be on the night before the show actually aired! So, if you are a Wheel of Fortune fan and you happen to see us on the show next week would you give a shout on our facebook page or comment here on our blog?

As to last year's show, our prize package included a chauffeured winery/sightseeing tour of the Finger Lakes region, dinner for two at Joelle's French Bistro, a romantic in-suite picnic dinner and lot's of other goodies and had a retail value of over $6000 with the airfare that was providing. During the show a women did land on the 10 Fitch Prize package but before she won it she had to solve the puzzle correctly. Unfortunately she messed up, called a letter that had previously been called which was not on the board and then tried to solve the puzzle but she was incorrect! We were just beside ourselves with disappointment!

I have been trying to get a hold of the clip of last years airing which shows us and the segment of the show we are a prize for. I was sent a DVD but can't extract the clips and save them in a format that I could use to post the video on youtube, our website or anywhere else for that matter.

We are hoping that we are indeed used again as a prize package next week and of course also hope that someone lands on our prize and then correctly solves the puzzle! Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you see us on the air!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 Fitch Breakfast February 1, 2011 - Valentines

Happy February everyone! Today we begin our official month long celebration of Valentines Day! We're kicking up the romance and have special surprises for all of our February guests.

We've had Andy & Lynn with us the lat 3 nights... they were married on Friday and honeymooned here at 10 Fitch. This morning they checked out, but not before we served them this delectable breakfast!

Sorry, I have no photo of their first course, a Sweetheart Smoothie but I'll tell you that I garnished it with chocolate! Then they enjoyed the Parmesan herbed eggs & ham with the freshly prepared roasted red pepper sauce (peppers are easy to char over a burner on the stove) that I whipped up. A simple accompaniment of fresh pears and blackberries completed their meal.

I hope to see you at our Romantic Finger Lakes Auburn NY bed & breakfast this month!